February 10, 2016

Dark Star Orchestra Performs Rare Acoustic Show

Dark Star Orchestra with freedomisgreen.com co-founder Jim Bissell (far right)


Just having performed two sold out shows in Reading, Pa and Tarrytown, NY, Dark Star Orchestra played again to another packed house for Mardi Gras at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ last night.

It was a rare acoustic performance and the band played twenty nine songs lasting just over four hours with one set break.

“Where else can you listen to some of the best music on earth in the true spirit of the Grateful Dead?” proclaimed ‘Starhead’ Alex.

He’s right. There are GD cover bands that play the ‘Top 40, but if you were in attendance last night, you heard treasured classics Reuben and Cherise, My Brother Esau, and Mountains of the Moon.

Vocalist Lisa Mackey’s brilliant rendition of Bob Dylan’s Chimes of Freedom was spiritually moving and that was obvious to all those in attendance.  Complemented by Jeff Mattson on lead guitar, her strong vocals resonated throughout the crowd with the heartfelt justice the song deserved.

The Dark Star Orchestra Facebook Page is Here