Marijuana Prisoners – Letter Writing

Image from PhillyNORML will be helping with a letter writing effort for marijuana prisoners.

Several studies suggest a prisoner’s mental health is dependent on contact
with the outside world. Many prisoners consider mail as one of their only

“One cannot fully understand the therapeutic effects one receives from
correspondence with his or her peers on the outside.” (M.J., Hagerstown, MD)

“Mail is the only thing to look forward to in here.” (J.S., Camp Lejeune,

Read more about the therapeutic benefits of receiving mail while in prison:

Editor Beth Mann has some tips:

What should you write? Anything. Prisoners benefit from seemingly mundane
letters about your daily life to words of inspiration to pieces of creative
writing to news or current events. The important part is simply reaching

We will post the letters though support pages or print and send via regular mail with the NORML Women’s Alliance.

Please keep in mind that all of the prisoner’s mail is read by authorities.

– Please send text only, no images or attachments
– Put the prisoner’s name in subject line of email
– Send separate emails for each prisoner
– Up to 1,000 words per letter
– By sending a letter through we may contact you and ask that your letter be posted on the site to bring awareness to victims of prohibition. You may decline and we will still forward your letter directly to the prisoner.

– Send your emails to [email protected]

Questions? [email protected]

Thank you for participating!

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