February 9, 2016


6/30/13 Drug War Tour on the march (photo by Elkanah Grogan)

Burn on the 4th of July: Marijuana, the Department of Homeland Security and the Liberty Bell

PHILADELPHIA by Chris Goldstein 7/4/2013 We are celebrating an incredible revolution of ideas this week, one that has a living pulse today. The Philadelphia of 1776 housed the women and men who crafted a new future for freedom. In 2013 it is where the United States federal government … [Read More...]

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THC Keeps Monkeys Alive in AIDS Research Model

Recently, a Doctor came out against using Cannabis for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Among oncologists, his opinion is probably in the minority. This Doctor claims that no HIV patients he knows, would benefit from Cannabis. Unfortunately, the Doctor only discussed his opinion and did not site any … [Read More...]

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I Want to be a Trailer Park Boy and Move to Sunnyvale

It's been a friggin' looooong winter at ye olde Jersey shore. My Mary Jane supply is practically nil. Sadly, I'm forced to roll teeny pinners that burn up in mere seconds upon lighting. I think I'm high, but it could just be the lighter fluid, I don't know. Sad times indeed but like a bear living … [Read More...]

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Marijuana found at White House during Victory on Drugs presser

April 1  by Chris Goldstein - The April showers are just arriving but some May flowers have already bloomed. Tourists discovered six marijuana plants in the Rose Garden just as President Obama announced a major victory in the so-called War on Drugs. The Office of National Drug Control Policy … [Read More...]

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Attorney Bill Buckman at the PhillyNORML Freedom Forum 2009

New Jersey MS Patient Appeals Marijuana Cultivation to State Supreme Court

8/16/2011 - Criminal defense attorney William Buckman of Moorestown, NJ has filed an appeal to the state’s highest court for John Ray Wilson. The 38 year old man was convicted on the second-degree felony of “manufacturing” marijuana for growing seventeen cannabis plants.  Last month an … [Read More...]

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The Big Green Doomsday Machine: NJ Gov Christie and Corporate Marijuana

Printed in the current issue of Skunk Magazine; by Chris Goldstein and Beth Mann from freedomisgreen.com - It is 2012 and a team of political super-villains is plotting to keep marijuana illegal in the USA forever. The steady march to make holistic marijuana therapy available in the US is on the … [Read More...]

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