February 8, 2016

How to Help Women Behind Bars for Marijuana

Freedomisgreen.com will be helping with a letter writing campaign for women currently serving time on marijuana-related charges. Guidelines here.

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s ill-fated “War on Drugs” campaign. Millions of dollars have been spent and countless lives have been wasted or irrevocably altered. As an ongoing series, we will spotlight various women behind bars due to egregious marijuana-related sentencing and how you can help.

This is your chance to move beyond outrage and reach out to women who need your support more than ever. Prison is a profoundly alienating and traumatizing experience. A letter to inmate is a very powerful tool. You can send words of support and inspiration or simply treat them like a pen pal. Remember, these women undoubtedly need some normalcy in their lives. A “day in your life” letter may seem dull to you, but very rewarding to them. Reach out! Show your support, share your story. Studies show that contact from the outside world bolsters self-esteem and helps alleviate depression and anxiety disorders caused by prison life.

Simply put your letter in the body of an email and send to marijuanaprisoners@gmail.com. Keep it under 1000 words. No attachments please. In the subject heading, put Patricia Spottedcrow’s name.

Guidelines here.

Here’s some additional tips on writing to a prisoner.


This month, send a letter to: Patricia Spottedcrow

Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow, 25, currently resides in Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Oklahoma where she’ll be spending the next nine years. For the sale of $31 of marijuana, she will live without her four young children and husband and no longer work in nursing homes. She had no prior convictions. Spottedcrow began her sentence on Dec. 29, 2010.


Letter Gidelines here.

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  1. Derek McFarland says:

    I thank they should stop putting people in jail for little things like smoking Pot. we got better things to worry about like getting the government out of this bankruptcy shit and they could make a lot of money if they would just make it leegle. But I also believe they should make you take a drug test for food stamps and any kind of government help becous why should i work for you to live if you got the money to buy Pot, Beer, or Drugs. then you can Buy food.


  2. Joe says:

    Why is it “women” behind bars? Why don’t we want to help men behind bars?


    Chris Goldstein Reply:

    Joe this is the beginning of a larger project. Our Mary Jane’s Corner column highlights women’s issues in cannabis reform. – Chris


  3. Fred Paul says:

    May God bless everyone incarcerated for non-violent offenses. The time needs to fit the crime. It is a criminal justice system and hopefully those people involved in putting people into these mostly corporate run for profit prisons will repent of their sins. There is but one judge and that is God. You must take comfort in the fact that things will change but for those of you already entangled in this system, I know that is not much consolation. But, with each passing day, momentum is growing on your side. People are having there eyes opened as they have been blind for so long.

    Seek God, believe in His Son and know that each of you are important to Him. He cares deeply for you. He came to set the captive free and wants you to have life to the fullest. You are in my prayers always.


    Fred Paul


  4. I pray with all mt heart and soul that Patricia Spottedcrow is able to get out of the HELL! that this old out of date judge gave her. She isn’t a criminal the real criminal’s are the one’s like the judge that convicted her and traumatized her sweet little childeren. Mr. Obama I hope some how in your busy schedual that you look into this misconduct of justice! But you will laugh like you do ever time we try to represent ourself’s for the law’s to be changed in concern of cannabis. Patrica has childeren and need’s to be home with them and this ignorant so called war on drud’s needs to STOP NOW!!! The old evil judge is just abusing her power! I hope Patrica and all the girl’s you have incarcerated by this act of non=compassion are sent home with an apology from you and your county. Some day real soon this type of harrasment will stop. And as long as God or the Great Spirit keeps man on this earth there need’s to be an end to this uneducated igmorance of Cannabis. and it’s medical properties. I’m a person who has served this country for 6 yrs, in the service protecting our Gov, and they are going to continue this B.S,? I for one will give my last breath to keep people like Patrica free. If it wern’t for people like Patrica a lot more people would be dieing in car wreck’s from alcohol and overdosing on heroin and other hard drug’s. If you see this Patrica it is at hand the time to set yourself free from the injustice you are suffering not having your family next to you. I can tell you and your mother have beautiful spirit’s that can never be broke by a broken system. Chemo therapy tore my life apart and I can realy feel where you’r coming from. May the Great Spirt of God be with you my child,my sister and eternal friend Johnny Choronic59. P.S I Will Pray For You.


  5. Doug Rochford says:


    The ”judge” feels that was appropriate? She should have gotten a severe warning at most. No prison.

    This confirms a facist and racist society where you can split children and make prisoners of good people.


  6. Jessica Benavides says:

    I am just in a state of shock to hear this sad story. I am but a few hours away from the state of Oklahoma, and I can’t help but wonder how very ironic this whole mess is. Why doesn’t anyone do anything about this young woman’s future? THe judge speaks about generations, when she has the ultimate say in deciding the future of these beautiful children that were ripped from their mothers arms. What kind of future would this bring to this “small rural community” that has “less options”? This woman just happens to be at the wrong place with the wrong judge. I wonder if 3 or 4 generations ago with the exact same scenerio, what would happend in that case?? I think our native Spottedcrow would have been more lenient towards our old, white immigrant……perhaps. I wish you, Patricia Spottedcrow, the very best and the most of luck. God bless your mother who is loving and caring for your children now, who by the way are very beautiful. Keep your head up, stay srong. With lots of love from Texas, Jessica Benavides


  7. I run a blog discussing issues pertaining to women of color & many other political issues. I have posted an article about this and it has blown up. There are 600+ reblogs/discussions/notes on Patricia’s case. Thought you all should know.
    You may be getting a lot of new e-mails soon.
    here is the address of the post: http://nuestrahermana.tumblr.com/post/10925775161/reach-out-to-a-woman-who-needs-support-if-you

    Thank you for your work,
    Nuestra Hermana


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