February 10, 2016

Update on Patricia Spottedcrow’s “Reduced” Sentence

Most of our readers here at Freedom is Green have heard about Patricia Spottedcrow’s story of the heavy-handed sentence delivered to this first-time offender for marijuana possession. Here at Freedom is Green, we contribute to a letter-writing campaign so you can reach out to Patricia directly. Here’s the most recent news on her “reduced” sentence:

A Kingfisher County judge did the right thing last week when he suspended the final four years of the 12-year sentence of Patricia M. Spottedcrow, a first offender convicted of selling $31 worth of marijuana to a police informant.

That’s damning Associate District Judge Robert Davis with faint praise. What he should have done is cut this ridiculous sentence down to size. The punishment clearly does not fit the crime. Spottedcrow is only a year into her sentence and is not eligible for parole until maybe 2014, meaning that she will serve several years for her two-bit offenses.

In fairness to Davis, he did not hand down the original sentence assessed a year ago by now-retired Associate District Judge Susie Pritchett. But judging from his order, Davis did not find much fault with Pritchett’s reasoning. Davis also describes Spottedcrow’s crimes as “serious,” said that she had engaged in a “pattern of behavior, and that there was no reason to believe that she would not have continued this criminal behavior.”

In an apparent reference to the widespread support Spottedcrow has received, Davis’ order said that Spottedcrow “minimized the seriousness of the actions of selling drugs in the presence of her children and minimized the overall criminal behavior that she exhibited much the same as her numerous followers.”

Read more at Tulsa World

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  1. ju says:

    shame on these judges. lots of shame.


  2. keith taylor says:

    this is way far fetched its a conspiracy i feel for her deeply i mean i have hqad charges way far worst n i got a slap on the wrist i will pray for u and your family keep ya mind strong n head up hun it will all soon come to a end may god be with you


  3. wanttohelp says:

    Is there ANYTHING we can do, the public, to get her out? I can’t even describe the anger I feel when I know both of those judges are most likely going home for a nice drink after work, or even if not, that they think it’s ok in their self-absorbed heads to treat this woman like this, this mother!

    I hear stories everyday about murderers, rapists and such getting out early, etc…. This sickens me so much, every day that passes my previously cherished country I call home gets sicker and sicker and nothing is changing. Why isn’t Obama doing anything to help her, he sure enjoys his beer at night. . .

    Is there anything we can do at all? I feel so lame writing her a letter that seems so trivial. . I cannot even believe this what is happening to our USA?


  4. Babukings says:

    yeah i watched this one, and he was a total aroelshe, could not stand the man, he should be disinherited and made to go cold turkey. And before anyone starts saying do you knw what going cold turkey is like, yes i do, i did it a year ago. The money spent on this show, could help people who can not afford to go into rehab, instead of spoiled celebs who just take the piss


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