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UPDATE May 26, 2011: Freedomisgreen now appears in the Google News Feed. Site traffic May 1st to May 25th = 25,306 visitors for 35,106 page views

Sponsors enjoy strong presence on a content-driven site that is not overcrowded with ads.

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Growing the East Coast cannabis community

3/2/2011 – Chris Goldstein, a nationally recognized journalist and pro-marijuana advocate, is launching a new website to cover the East Coast: www.freedomisgreen.com .

“ Millions of cannabis consumers from Maine to Florida are searching out local information about legalization. Freedomisgreen.com is here to cover the news, activism and lifestyle of American marijuana,” he said today.

Known for popular blogs and newspaper columns in the Philadelphia area covering marijuana politics, Goldstein is regularly featured on FOX, CBS, NBC, Comcast, ABC and the Associated Press.

A limited number of initial sponsorships are available that feature prominent placement for advertising. Three levels of sponsorship are available too accommodate various budgets.

“Many businesses can benefit from sponsorship: Clothing companies, record labels, print publications and consumer products just to name a few. Cannabis lifestyles in America touch upon more businesses than we think, “ Goldstein said.

There are dozens of print magazines and websites catering to cannabis consumers on the West Coast. Now, freedomisgreen.com fills an important niche for the marijuana-friendly community in the eastern US while offering a powerful venue for businesses to connect with the region.

Chris has assembled a unique team of writers to produce exclusive content in the following categories: Freedom Buzz, Sensible Science, Green Justice, Mary Jane’s Corner, Canna-business and Grass Roots. The site has an open-call for submissions of writing, photos and video from voices in the local cannabis community.

For more information please call  267 702 3731  or send us an email