November 29, 2015

How CBD from marijuana fights cancer

CBD, One Step Closer to the Clinic

by – Jahan Marcu, Science EditorLast month, Dr. Sean McAllister traveled from California to talk in Philadelphia on a potential new breast cancer treatment. Dr. McAllister has been studying the anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids for years and he has discovered that the cannabinoid, CBD (Cannabidiol) is a very potent inhibitor of breast cancer. Usually, his research draws a lot of media interest and then some. His research sparks an interest in the general public, as CBD is also the second most abundant compound on the Cannabis plant.Dr.McAllister shared his results of his recently published study on CBD and breast cancer. This is not the first paper on the anti-cancer activity of CBD, the McAllister lab also published other articles on cannabinoids and cancer: CBD and Breast Cancer and THC&CBD kill brain cancer cells. The current study is an in depth look at how CBD kills breast cancer cells in an animal model. Specifically, CBD affects a protein called ID-1. ID-1 appears to be a major conductor of cancer cells and thus is an excellent target for a cancer treatment.Find out how CBD’s anti-cancer properties in the full article at


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Find out how CBD’s anti-cancer properties in the full article at

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