February 10, 2016

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced

4/3/2011 – The East Coast continues to come alive with bills to allow legal access to cannabis for seriously ill residents. House Bill 577 The North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act was introduced by sponsoring legislators on Thursday March 31. This is the third time in five years that the Tar Heel State has tried for similar legislation. Local media isn’t giving the current effort much of a chance, but regional support is trending in favor of the concept.

Asheville Citizen-Times: Rep. Patsy Keever, D-Buncombe, is one of three primary sponsors of the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act filed on Thursday.

The legislation would allow patients with debilitating medical conditions to use marijuana to alleviate their symptoms. It would set up a system for operating medical cannabis centers and growing marijuana for medical use.

Keever said marijuana has proved to be a good, affordable pain reliever for people who suffer from chronic illnesses or are undergoing cancer treatments. She said the state could also make money from growing it.

“We’re not saying that we want everyone smoking weed,” Keever said. “We want people to be alleviated from their pain.”

Medical use and cultivation of marijuana is legal in 15 states and the District of Columbia, but no Southern states have legalized the drug for medical use.

Similar medical marijuana bills introduced in North Carolina have gained little traction. Previous legislation introduced in past sessions never made it to the floor.  read more

NC joins over a dozen US States with active legislation considering safe access. Most of the states with existing laws operate some type of system for patients to grow, posses and/or purchase medical cannabis.

Activism link: http://www.nccpn.org/

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  1. Damion says:

    It’s kinda Ironic that the bible belt thinks a God-made plant is bad. I think Jesus said to be careful, giving credit to the devil for Gods work (or vice-versa) is blasphemy, the only unforgivable sin.


  2. moondog6b9 says:

    I have been a patient for the last 5 years – 4 in California and now in Colorado – and I have nothing bad to say about medical cannabis. It relieves my pain and helps with emotional trauma. I am a university student with a 4.0 GPA as well, so the “common belief” that potheads are losers with no discipline or intelligence is totally false.


  3. I live in NC and I have chronic pain from a bad car accident that I was involved in several years ago. I had my pelvis, 4 vertabrae, both legs, my right wrist and numerous other bones broken. My spleen had to be removed and I still have incontinence issues. I also have blurry vision in my right eye. I think I should be able to legally smoke marijuana for my pain and discomfort because it is really the only thing that works. Pain pills don’t work for me and give me horrible migraine headaches. Check out this page on the NC medical marijuana bill and the representative that is already opposing my right to medical marijuana:



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