February 7, 2016

NYC Weed-smoking Moms Come Out

The traditionally conservative New York Post ran a piece today by Sara Stewart about the emerging trend of NYC-based mothers increasingly using marijuana as their drug of choice, in lieu of alcohol and pills. Considering the tone of the newspaper and the stringent NYC laws surrounding marijuana (which now arrests and jails more people for possessing marijuana than any city in the U.S.), perhaps this article indicates much-needed change to come.

Keep your eye out for mention of our very own marijuana media mogul, Chris Goldstein.

And kudos to pithy Stewart who noted, “Motherhood, a famously competitive sport in this city.” So true, woman.

Erica, a resident of the trendy DUMBO neighborhood, is just like any other busy Brooklyn mom with a small child, juggling play dates, naptime, temper tantrums and PB&Js. The difference: She counters the daily chaos by lighting up a joint.

“I think it’s a pretty common thing,” confesses 33-year-old Erica (not her real name), mother to a 4-year-old daughter. “That’s how some mommies cope with stress.”

Motherhood, a famously competitive sport in this city — especially in the tonier neighborhoods of Brooklyn — seems to be sending increasing numbers of stressed-out women bong-ward. As marijuana grows in acceptance (it was just decriminalized in neighboring Connecticut earlier this month, and is legal for medicinal purposes in 16 states and in Washington, DC), the leafy green drug is becoming a hipper alternative to that old standby, alcohol.

“Some moms are drinking very early in the day, starting around 4,” says Erica, who says she isn’t a fan of getting plastered. “I would rather smoke a bowl, take the edge off and go about my day.”

Whenever the mood strikes when she’s home — “I don’t travel with it,” she says — she’ll take a hit or two and transform into Mellow Mom. “When you’re smoking, you’re on a different level,” she says. “Things don’t frustrate you as much.”

She’s in good company.

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  1. Susan says:

    We demand the return of our nation’s birthright. FREE THE HEMP PLANT!


  2. Daniel Cohen says:

    NYC reeeally does not have stringent cannabis laws at all, that is total misinformation. upto 25 grams is decriminalized, i would know i got caught with hash outside madison square garden in november 2010. the case was dismissed i never had to go to court, same with my friends who got caught. and anyone i know who has gone to court for weed in nyc got it dismissed anyway. you call that stringent? this article implies (doesnt straight up say though, just dances around the question) that it isnt decriminalized in NY but it is (upto 25 grams, but every state has limits like that). my ticket was a UPM (unlawful possession marijuana), unlawful, not criminal, theres a distinction. its on par with a public drinking or urination ticket, you dont get a criminal record, its decriminialized. whoever wrote this article didn’t do their homework. its understanable, the only way to really do your homework for such an article would be to get arrested for cannabis in NYC, which, although a pain in the ass, was really not a big deal at all.


    Chris Goldstein Reply:


    The well documented 50,000 annual arrests in NYC are mostly for having marijuana in “public view” which, by some magic of local criminal codes, has become a criminal misdemeanor there.

    Hauling 50,000 people off the street each year in handcuffs (mostly young men of color) for a small amount of pot is stringent enough in my opinion.



  3. Carlos says:

    Chris you are right. In one month I was arrested 5 times. The judge told me if he saw me again that I would be sentenced to do jail time. You know what sucks that in all those arrest the amounts were no more than $10.


  4. J says:

    Marijuana prohibition has lasted long enough. I am 30 yrs old, married with a 6 yr old daughter. Me and my husband don’t drink. We don’t do drugs. WE DO smoke pot. I don’t smoke in front of my kid. I don’t do it outside of my home. When my mom died this year my therapist wanted to put me on anti-anxiety meds, I told her I didn’t want to take something like xanax or valium, they make your brain foggy and I can’t have that. I told her I smoked pot to help me relax. Her response was “Well, that better than anything I could prescribe you.” It’s completely harmless and honestly rather offensive to make those of us who smoke pot criminals. Alcoholism is an epidemic and its perfectly legal. I’m tired of living in fear over something that mother nature have conjured up and delivered to us as a gift. We are all here trying to live on this insane rock and if there is something that makes the day in day out stress from the rat race a little more bearable…so be it! Our country was so very naive when they decided to abolish alcohol prohibition and now us pot smokers have to pay for it. They dare not make something like marijuana legal for fear of its recourse. However, lets face facts the legalization of marijuana would solve our unemployment issues and the national deficit. Am I wrong? Nope!


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