February 9, 2016

Patricia Smith’s Appeal DENIED – No Privacy in Backyard Expected

In another stomach-turning example of judicial injustice and marijuana-related arrests, Patricia Smith’s recent appeal has been denied. This New Hampshire-based nurse with no criminal background will do time for growing marijuana in her own home, in addition to paying over $35,000 in fines. Please forward this story. Patricia Smith hasn’t gotten the same media coverage as Patricia Spottedcrow and others, though is a victim in this never-ending “war on drugs” nonetheless.

New Hampshire’s highest court has upheld a woman’s marijuana-growing conviction, ruling she had no reasonable expectation to privacy in a wooded area of her property from which police observed her house and detected the smell of marijuana coming from a vent.

Patricia Smith of Haverhill was charged in 2009 after police raided her house and found a pot-growing operation and 120 plants. During court proceedings, a superior court denied Smith’s motion to suppress evidence.

In appealing to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Smith’s attorney argued that police violated Smith’s constitutional right to privacy and protection from unreasonable searches when they essentially conducted a stakeout in the woods behind her home.

Source: Boston.com



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  1. Kevin says:

    This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE…. They come on HER property, find out she’s ABIDING by the State Law and yet GOES TO JAIL? Follow the money people… I guarantee you that if you dig, you’ll find connections amongst the Judges and the “Private Prison Industry”, Dept. of Corr. Unions etc…. These judges get $$$ from SOMEONE to make such ignorant decisions. This is EXACTLY why our President needs to quit being a COWARD, Re-schedule Cannabis to Sched. II and all our problems are solved! If Dr.’s are able to prescribe it, they WILL. OTOH, IF it’s rescheduled and becomes available by R/x, Insurance companies could be held responsible to cover it in a health plan. So don’t think that these UNSCRUPULOUS Insurance Company’s won’t fight it too….


  2. Abe says:

    There is only one path to justice. Single out every legislator who favors penalties for marijuana and vote them out. This woman is not commiting a crime. She is being persecuted by the law for the benefit of the politicians.
    Without voting for change it won’t.


  3. Sofia says:


    I’m sorry this is happening to you.
    The politicians and lawmakers need to be held accountable, vote them out of office.
    It’s about money. It’s time to legalize Marijuana!


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