Gallery: Liberty Bell gathering calls for federal marijuana legalization

12/20/2012 – Over one hundred and fifty supporters gathered in Philadelphia on Saturday December 15th to call for the federal legalization of cannabis. “Smoke Down Prohibition” was organized by a local comedy activism crew The Panic Hour and supported by PhillyNORML. The event took place in front of Independence Mall and the Liberty Bell.

Speakers included: N.A. Poe and Steve Miller-Miller from The Panic Hour; Adam Kokesh from AdamvsTheMan; Ken Wolski from The Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey (CMMNJ);  Vanessa Waltz medical marijuana patient; and yours truly from and PhillyNORML.

At 4:20PM most of the crowd participated in civil disobedience by smoking cannabis until 4:30PM.

Although there was presence of Philadelphia Police and National Park Police, there was no interference of the protest: No arrests or citations took place at the event.

A 48foot by 14foot banner asking to “Legalize Medical Marijuana”  from Robert Platshorn at The Silver Tour was rolled out with passing cars and even SEPTA buses honking their support.

Many of the participants called specifically on President Obama to end federal marijuana prohibition.

Medical Marijuana 48×14 banner rollout

48x14ft medical marijuana banner test

Steve Miller Miller from The Panic Hour opens w comedy set

Supporter holding Women Love Pot sign 12/15/2012 Philadelphia


Marijuana legalization supporters hold signs at "Smoke Down Prohibition" Philadelphia 12/15/2012

Ken Wolski RN "Together we can create more rational drug laws—drug laws that are worthy of respect and obedience. Not like the unjust laws that we have today."

NJ cancer/medical marijuana patient Vanessa Waltz from CMMNJ speaks

Rachel, Steve, Poe and Vanessa from The Panic Hour


Chris Goldstein and NA Poe at 4:20PM





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