February 11, 2016

DC, NY and East Coast residents pay highest prices for marijuana

8/31/2011 – Floatingsheep.org released their analysis of the underground marijuana market in the United States. The end result isn’t news to consumers: East Coast residents pay the most for an ounce of pot.

Wired magazine also featured a unique map (see below) that was created from the study data. It compares marijuana prices to the severity of laws. There were some other factors included into the equation, like the distance from Humbolt County, California.

The study centers on prices gathered directly from the public through anonymous online submissions. Thousands of individual reports were sent in through www.priceofweed.com.

Here is their rundown on the average cost of top-shelf marijuana:

Distribution of High Quality Observations by State

Connecticut          Reports= 124   Price = $426.20/oz

Delaware               Reports = 26    Price = $450.00/oz

D.C.                         Reports= 71      Price = $460.70/oz

Florida                  Reports=575    Price = $361.80/oz

Georgia                 Reports = 209  Price = $412.20/oz

Maine                    Reports =  57    Price = $360.00/oz

Maryland             Reports = 162   Price = $436.30/oz

Mass.                    Reports = 368    Price = $416.30/oz

New Hampshire Reports = 58      Price = $407.60/oz

New Jersey         Reports =  198   Price = $412.40/oz

New York            Reports = 876    Price = $416.90/oz

N. Carolina         Reports = 254    Price = $417.90/oz

Pennsylvania     Reports =  400   Price = $414.30/oz

Rhode Island     Reports =71       Price = $419.30/oz

S. Carolina          Reports =  98     Price = $399.00/oz

Vermont             Reports = 61      Price =$393.60/oz

Virginia               Reports =223    Price = $411.90/oz

West Virginia    Reports = 35     Price =$392.80/oz

Read the complete study here.

High Times Magazine has employed a similar method of collecting price information from readers for many years. The monthly “THMQ Pot Prices” column also offers a market analysis of different grades of marijuana and even individual strains.

Again, East Coast readers of HT mag are willing to exchange the most greenbacks for green flowers (with hints of reds, lavenders, oranges and purples). High Times July 2011 THMQ showed Chem Dog selling in New York for an astounding $560 per ounce.

While that was definitely the costliest bud found, many of the THMQs are close match for the floatingsheep.org prices.

Population density, thus simple demand, is a major factor to driving up prices on the East Coast. The severity of laws also tends to bump up the cost as distributors take a greater risk and pass that on to consumers.

Perhaps the most interesting trend for the cost of cannabis has been its stability over the last decade.  There have been moderate increases in the cost of all grades of marijuana. But there has been nothing of a cannabis price bubble compared to other consumer items, like housing, food or gasoline.

Some good news is that several data sources are showing a general decline in marijuana prices. For example the floatingsheep.org study showed that Oregonians pay an average of $255.80 per ounce for high-grade cannabis. So far, those kinds of price reductions have not reached the East Coast.

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  1. DragonTat2 says:

    $300+/- an ounce in Washington State. Lower than any in your list.
    May have something to do with BC…



  2. AlPal says:

    Humboldt doesn’t have anything on the Sierra Nevada’s in terms of production, that’s why it’s just as dark and the county medical laws are just as favorable. Same with southern Oregon and the rest of NorCal. If you meet the right person in Tahoe (a grower), you can get an ounce for a buck or two.


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