Delaware Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Key Vote

5/5/2011 – Despite the recent flurry of paper threats from several US Attorneys against medical marijuana programs, more states are moving ahead with bills to legalize them. Last month the Delaware Senate passed compassionate use legislation and now the House has followed suit. Both floor votes showed strong support. The bill must return to the Senate to finalize some last-minute amendments but the House vote tonight is a good sign that “The First State” may become the 16th with a working medical marijuana law.

From The News Journal

The Delaware House approved use of marijuana for medical purposes today, but tacked on additional restrictions to require the drug is distributed in tamper-proof containers and prohibit smoking cannabis in buses and vehicles.

The House voted 24-17 on Senate Bill 17, which must go back to the Senate for the upper chamber to consider the changes.

The legislation allows Delawareans with cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, post-traumatic stress disorder and other debilitating diseases to get a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana to treat their pain, nausea or illness.
Qualified patients would be issued a state identification card.

Three state-regulated not-for-profit dispensaries would be established in each county to sell and distribute medical marijuana to qualified patients and caregivers. READ FULL ARTICLE

Medical marijuana legislation is also pending in New Hampshire, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Connecticut … and that’s just on the East Coast.

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